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Brown, Kathy 1/12/2020

Email from 1/11/2020 to members:

Hi all,

Please remember to tally and report your trail miles, saddle hours and volunteer hours to Jo ASAP so she can report them to State OHC. Forms are available on our website or the state OHC website. These statistics help us keep our trails open and to lobby for improvements and new trails.

Amendments to our By Laws were proposed a couple of months ago and need to be acted on in Feb. See attached or they are on the website (Message Board/Survey page). Please review in preparation for the vote. Most are merely updates to outdated information.

We are trying to plan a camping trip somewhere new to us and/or for a longer time i.e. 4-5 days. A survey was distributed at the last meeting. Results are attached, ranked by votes (WTG = want to go there). There is a survey on the website, Message Board/Survey page if you'd like to contribute your choices.

Website address: www.FCOHC.com

We were recently contacted by our website host,Talkspot and informed that they are shutting down. We will need to decide the future of our website. If you have any thoughts or suggestions please speak up. We'll need to decide if we want to continue it as is (or as close as we can get), scale back, discontinue or ???? We will supposedly have a page on the state OHC website but I don't imagine we'll be able to post much. If you've never seen our website, check it out.
I'll put a survey on the website about this too. LOL

Lastly, Connie checked out the parking area and trails at Rd 17 in Williams Co. There are pics on the website, home page. The parking lot is sizable but probably not big-rig-friendly, especially if there are numerous trailers there. The trail appears to be an out-and-back that parallels the RR tracks. We are considering having a Leap Year Day ride there on Feb. 29. Your input would be welcomed. Thank you Connie for scouting it out.

Thank you in advance for your input,

Brown, Kathy 1/12/2020

Link to the areas affected by the Pine Management Plan at Oak Openings



Brown, Kathy 1/6/2020

Request to amend By Laws

Members - please review in preparation for vote to amend at the Feb 2020 meeting:

Proposed amendments to the FC-OHC ByLaws


  •  Article IV  Membership

Remove Senior Membership – no longer offered

  •  Article VII  Elections

               Section 2   County Chapter Elections

The meeting time and place for Fulton County Chapter elections shall be published and mailed to all Fulton County Chapter members at least twenty (20) days prior to the election meeting.

               Delete; add “and provided to all Fulton County Chapter members through customary means”

                             to include email, text, social media.



Standing Rules


General – Membership Dues

                Update to current prices

Duties of Officers – VP

  •  Shall be responsible for formatting, on a monthly basis, any report, Fulton County Chapter OHC news or articles for publication.

Change” formatting” to ?????

Give it to the Secretary

Give it to the Public Relations standing committee and make Trina (or whoever is doing the Corral submissions) chairperson

Where would you like the club to go camping?

What should we do about our website? Our host is closing down so we need to move it elsewhere or let it go. Please let us know what you think.