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Oak Openings (click on pic for trail info)
Trimming the trail from RC to MSF
Thank you so much for the pointsettia plant.  I so appreciate it!
Debbie Vaughan
Link to the areas affected by the Pine Management Plan at Oak Openings


Trail at Rd 17 in Williams Co., West Unity
Mark Your Calendar!
January 1 Annual New Year's Day Ride  - 12:00 Noon
January 6 Club meeting @ Rt 64 Pub and Grub 7:00 PM
January 25 Winter Blues Brunch at Charlie's, Airport Hwy, Swanton  9 am
January 26
 State OHC Winter Mtg, Salt Fork State Park     agenda

Please report your trail miles, saddle hours and volunteer hours to Jo by January 10. These statistics help us keep our trails open and to lobby for improvements and new trails.
Trail Mileage and Saddle Hours Program
Trail Mileage Report Form
Volunteer Hours Trail Maintenance

Trail closures effective January 6 until Spring 2020.
Winter natural resource projects will impact the horse trail (temporarily), starting January 6th.
The map below highlights sections of the horse trail that will be inaccessible - in red.
Green highlights indicate trail that will be open. (Closed sections will be clearly marked. Please do not go around or remove barricades)
Target date for re-opening is spring 2020
Please plan your riding routes accordingly.


Code of Ethics:   As an Ohio Horseman's Council member, my fundamental duty is to better the equine community and to educate, promote and enhance the equine industry. I will keep my private life unsullied as an example to all and be well behaved in a manner that does not bring discredit to me or the Ohio Horseman's Council. I will be consistently mindful of others, honest in thoughts and deeds in my personal life, and exemplary in obeying the laws. I will cooperate with all legal authorities and their representatives.

I know that I alone am responsible for my own standards of performance and will take every opportunity to enhance and improve my level of knowledge and competence.

Adopted by OHC General Membership, February 17, 1994